Mokuhanga: Japanese woodblock printing

Akiko Fujikawa

Japanese woodblock printmaker

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my profile

Dates & events


Exhibits twice yearly with 'SHINANO-KAI Mokuhanga Group' Kyoto.


Came to UK and set up the Chapel Studio with artist husband Geoffrey Wickham


Open Exhibition BEECROFT GALLERY Southend-on-Sea.UK 


Solo Print Shows  in Finland.

Nelimarkka Museum, ALAJARVI

Jakobstad Museum, JAKOBSTAD

K H Redlunds Museum, KOKKOLA 


Solo Show at STUDIO COM Gallery, commended by The British Council. Kyoto. 


Two Solo Shows sponsored by Alfa-Hills in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. 


Annual Open Exhibitions,The Armed Forces Art Society, London. 


Shows with Geoffrey Wickham at BEECROFT GALLERY  Southend-on-Sea. 


Solo Show at Gallery Godai, Kyoto.


Solo Show at The Gallery Chelmsford.UK.


Elected Member of the Armed Forces Art Society, London.


Solo Show  Haltern  City. Germany.


Solo Show at STUDIO COM, commended by The British Council, Kyoto.


Two-man Show at Hylands House. Chelmsford.


Two-man Show at Burnham Museum, Burnham-On-Crouch.


Show "Lasting Impressions" at City Gallery, Leicester City Art Council. Leicester


Solo Show at Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. London


Solo Show at Town Centre Gallery. Braintree.


Three Man Show- Haddenham Gallery,


Solo Show at Haddenham Gallery. Hadenham, Cambridgeshire, UK


Solo Show, JAPAN FESTIVAL, Chapel Studio.


ANNUAL Show, ART TRAIL, Burnham-On-Crouch, Essex


Two Man Show with NANA SHIOMI - ICE HOUSE, Holland Park, London.


Show, ART TRAIL, Chelmsford, Essex.


Two Man Show with NANA SHIOMI – ICE HOUSE, Holland Park, London


Four Seasons of the Year - Spring.  At Rickshaw House Gallery LONDON

Personal statement


England is a wonderful country.


I never imagined I would be an artist and live in a sailing town in Essex when I graduated from a university in Kyoto with a degree in English and American Literature.


In 1973, two years after graduating, I came to England to improve my English and fell in love with the country and the people. After 5 years I went back to Japan to study woodblock printing under the master woodblock print artist Takeji Asano. As his student I learnt through observation rather than formal teaching methods.  (See below for a list of my teachers)


I returned to England in 1980 and I met and married Geoffrey Wickham, sculptor, painter and lecturer who taught me about art and artistic expression. Having learnt a lot about woodblock printing I expressed the opinion that it was easy. He disagreed. How right he was. Even now after 30 years of printmaking I still find something new every time I work in my studio.

I follow traditional Japanese woodblock printing techniques but I choose universal subjects to work with. I tend to pick up on aspects of human relationships, human psychology, the mundanity of daily life and relationships between people and the natural world. The sky, water and land give me inspiration for shapes and colours but anything, a wooden wall or dirt on a floor, can also give me inspiration.


The woodblock printing is a long process; designing, tracing, cutting, carving, and finally printing. Sometimes it takes months to complete one work. Even if I manage to express my feelings and passion in the original drawing, it is quite possible to lose them by the time I complete the print. So I am always aware of that and I am very happy if I achieve what I originally set out to do.


In the next few years I will be exploring nature in a new series of prints and I hope I can put more of my humour and the Japanese sense of simplicity into my work.


My 62nd birthday was on 25th May 2010. I am very aware of the passing of time and I aim to create one or two major pieces before I am unable to complete the strenuous printing process; a masterpiece in my eyes, if not in those of another.


As a Japanese artist who has lived many years in England, my work tries to reconcile the aesthetic sensibilities of the two cultures, using traditional woodblock printing techniques with the boldest possible colour and the purest possible line.


My studies:


Traditional Japanese woodblock printing,

mokuhanga at Asahi School of Art with Print Artist - TAKEJI ASANO - Kyoto.

Mountain retreat with Master Print Artist - TOHSHI YOSHIDA.

In Kyoto with Master Mokuhanga Cutter -





1989 -94